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Effects: Calming, optimism, creativity, energetic

May Relieve: Depression, anxiety, headaches, loss of appetite, chronic pain relief

The beloved strain is extremely popular among veterans, medical and recreational consumers and carries the kind of potency that more advanced consumers would appreciate. If you are new and have not yet consumed the strain, make no mistake that it is some kind of but for being a little guy in the big marijuana game. All jokes aside, this review will show you why this strain lives up to its price tag.

What Exactly is the $100 OG Marijuana Strain?

$100 OG marijuana is a hybrid strain carrying an equal mixture of indica and sativa with upwards 24% THC. It is ken to a legendary, original OG phenotype. The cross between the sativa and indica that makeup this strain is perfectly balanced with even better-balanced effects. Born in San Fernando Valley, the nme was coined in Hollywood when it began to appear more frequently at a high price of $100 for only a ⅛ of an ounce — but the high that comes from this bud is certainly worth it.

Despite the cost, $100 OG hasn’t ceased to continue to amaze loyal fans, as it contains phenomenal healing benefits and lives up to its active potency as a derivative of true OG Kush. It has OG attached to its name — not solely as a result of the genetic makeup of the strain but also for the very authority it holds in terms of flavor, medical benefits, and potency.

Strain Name: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Typically grown indoors, it’s dark green buds brim with a light frosty coat of crystals with an earthy, sage-like aroma. The buds are also dressed in orange hairs and give off a pleasant skunky flavor. With minimal room for stems, most consumers will notice the strains popcorn-like buds, which it is commonly known for. $100 OG cannabis doesn’t have the same lemon essence that most OG Kush strains tend to have and once broken down or combusted, the aroma will get even more pungent.

The herb is surprisingly pleasing to the palate as the smoke matures the skunky scent into intense sweet, and pine flavors. Most consumers also find themselves surprised once they learn of the deep blueberry notes that are lifted after combustion.

 $100 OG Effects

$100 OG’s powerful everlasting buzz is simultaneously euphoric and energizing. Effects hit hard and they hit fast. Consumers are laced with joy after the first toke. It’s body melting effects have been likely inherited by its parent strain, OG Kush. The initial presence in the body will begin in the head and work its way down to the rest of the body. Consuming the strain before going to an energy-filled gathering is highly encouraged as it increases excitement.

Using the strain in more serious settings may not be the best option as it causes more of an unproductive feeling and lagged response of the body.  This heavy-hitter also has the power to produce a body melt sensation, leaving the mind in a similar state. Such might cause the low tolerance smoker to back down from the challenge after just a few puffs.

Medical Advantages of $100 OG

Appetite seekers will have no problem being able to redeem hunger with$100 OG. It effectively encourages appetite and might even overpromise. Patients who suffer from cancer as a result of strenuous chemical treatments and remedies may regain their desire to eat with the help of this strain. consumers who experience insomnia find relief and enter a state of relaxation,  additionally supporting consumers in maintaining a more restful night of sleep.

The strain is no stranger to combating tensed nerves— which is typically derived from anxiety, providing a calm and relaxed sensation. 100 OG cannabis is perfect for stimulating happiness and promotes a more positive and warm and fuzzy feeling. This hybrid can manage pain like no other.

Medical patients are given the opportunity to reclaim a higher quality of life,  helping them greatly to resolve their daily ailments, especially for those who suffer from debilitating

Possible Side Effects

This hybrid causes the feeling of cotton-mouth,  and could possibly cause dry eyes, and slight dizziness in newbies. To remedy these effects, drinking plenty of fluids and taking in moderate recommended doses is essential. The dizziness is momentary and will not advance passed a minimal lightheaded feeling.

Most OG Kush strains vary in terms of potency and are likely to always give the feeling of dry mouth. For new smokers, it’s really a temporary, not-so-amusing way to determine exactly what kind of strain you’re getting yourself into. Eye drop usage is very common when dealing with this strain but not highly necessary as all $100 OG’s side effects don’t exceed a temporary stay within the body.

Final Thoughts

$100 OG bud is the jack of all trades for patients suffering from conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s proven to be the perfect strain for those who wish to better manage conditions such as cancer therapy, appetite loss, and persistent pain. A session with this herb is versatile, with consumers being able to dabble between day or night.

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